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If you are interested in attending Think Tank meetings to participate in the discussion regarding the Quote Implementation Plan (QIP), mark your calendars for the end of September. This process was implemented with the assistance of dairy industry economist Dr. Marin Bozic and dairy market analyst Matt Gould. Dr. Bozic and Mr. Gould will be conducting an economic analysis of the proposed ideas stemming from these discussions. Phase 1 recently concluded and next month marks the beginning of Phase 2. Your presence as a supporter of the Stop QIP Dairy Tax Coalition is encouraged. Please know that though these meetings are intended to discuss the future of the Quota Implementation Plan, we are making outstanding progress with our petition process. It is our strong belief the dairy producers of California ought to have the opportunity to put this issue to a vote. Feel free to register for these events AND don’t forget to sign the petition! Sign here. 

We have four Phase 2 meetings arranged for your convenience. Please register for the meeting that best suits your schedule and location.

  • Producer Feedback - Modesto 2 p.m.
    Stanislaus County Agriculture Center
  • Producer Feedback - Modesto 9 a.m.
    Stanislaus County Agriculture Center
  • Producer Feedback - Tulare 2 p.m.
    Heritage Complex Social Hall
  • Producer Feedback- Tulare 9 a.m.
    Heritage Complex Social Hall

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